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​​​Welcome to the Aegean Paddlers, Athens first and largest sea kayak centre.                                                                     We are a non profit civil partnership focused on promoting and developing sea kayaking in Greece.                                         Over the last 10 years our name has become synonymous with quality sea kayaking in Europe and the world.                                 Our trips have been praised by the greater sea kayaking community and presented several times over in the special press with extended articles to many countries like  Japan, Canada, UK , France and Israel.                                                                        Our expeditions have extended the boundaries of sea kayaking in Greece and have proven possible what was before deemed impossible. Our ever growing fleet includes the full NDK line up and our equipment is always the best the world market has to offer.             We love sea kayaking, we love the sea, we love nature and the Aegean Paddlers isn't but a tribute to these things we love.                Do you share the same love?                                         

G. Karpathios

  •  Full NDK fleet
  • Celtic paddles
  • Complete ​exp. inventory