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  • Trip planning
  • Guiding 
  • Equipment & Logistics


 Athens Sea Kayak centre

  • 10 year experience
  • 10.000 miles paddled
  • ​12 month operation

Organising, equipping and leading expeditions in the Aegean Sea is the Aegean Paddler's specialty.

Reliable weather and sea condition forecasts, trip planning, equipping, transportations, guiding, general help on/off the water, safety and emergency services, logistics and a wealth of local knowledge, everything is included in our expedition services. 

The materialisation of any sea kayak expedition in the Aegean sea for local and international sea kayakers is now simple and fun. Based in Athens Greece we make use of road transports and/or the ports of Piraeus, Lavrio and Rafina to reach a vast field of destinations within a few hours every day on a 12 month basis. As we are non profit we do not require large groups and we are happy to take you out or train you even solo. 

Our inventory includes

  • NDK composite boats,
  • Celtic carbon paddles,
  • Reed Chillcheater clothing and skirts,
  • Hiko sports rash vests, pfds and dry bags,
  • Expedition quality camping equipment, safety lights, flares, sattelite beacons, charts 
  • Wetman rescue equipment, ​

                                    Travel light 

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