Athens Sea Kayak centre

​Training is everything

Sea kayaking in the Aegean sea is physically and technically demanding and only perfect is good enough. There will be moments where you will have to face your fears. Be prepared.

Over the years we have developed a coaching method that is based on understanding the mechanics and dynamics of the sea, the wind, the kayak and our body and yields fast and permanent results for amateur and professional paddlers                   Our Aegean sea kayaking essential skills and knowledge program includes

Boat design and hydrodynamics, construction and materials, first aid and field repairs, meteorology and navigation

Sea kayak use, steering, moving forward, backward, sideways, turning, bracing, rolling.

Paddle techniques, coping with wind and waves, covering distances, safety and emergency equipment and practices.               Avoiding injuries, camping, swimming and diving skills.

Daily/monthly /yearly training programs

Our taster days in Athens are a unique opportunity to have your first sea kayaking experience and/or to try one of our many different NDK kayaks, famous for their speed, stability and rough water ability that many consider as the best kayaks in the world today.

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